Medication Dose Calculator

This calculator can be used to calculate your daily dose of a medication in terms of mg per kg per day (mg/kg/d). For example, this calculation is often used to determine the daily dose of ursodiol. The calculation is based on your weight in pounds (lb), and your daily mg dose of medication. Weight in pounds is converted to kilograms (kg) by dividing by 2.205. Weight in kg is then divided into the daily mg dose of medication to give the dose calculated as mg/kg/d.

After entering your weight in lb, and daily mg dose of medication click the Calculate button. Your medication dose in mg/kg/d will then be computed and displayed in the "Dose =" text box.

Enter your weight (lb):

Enter your daily medication dose (mg):

Dose = (mg/kg/d)

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David and Judy Rhodes
Last Update: 11/30/05